Salad thread (rolling)

Here’s a great thread to discuss all things salad - likes, dislikes, innovations, salads from days gone by, anything to do with salad really.

There will also be an exciting feature called ‘salad or not salad’ - coming soon!!!

I’m a saLAD

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I’m a healthy Oliver sceptic as much as the next right-thinking person, but this salad dressing of his is genuinely superb. Really versatile too:

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i fucking love salad. i’d eat it with everything if i could. the tv doesn’t like it though, so often my meals at home are bereft of salady goodness.


Looks good!

However, I Love garlic ,but find raw garlic in anything (but particularly in dressings) just tends to overpower everything else so I might omit it

The pub where I play Netrunner on Mondays has astonishingly good warm salads. Different one each week, too.

That’s about all I have to contribute.

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It doesn’t in this instance because you’ve got a fuckload of coriander + lemon and mustard going nuts on the old palate. But yeah I’d say omitting it is a safe strategy!

shredded red/white cabbage in a salad with a romaine/iceberg base adds a really great texture and flavour. Don’t put too much in though or it ruins it, I’d say 4:1 ratio

2 Likes what’s one of my faves, caprese salad (tomato and mozzarella). If you get a decent one of those there’s not much better imho

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chuck some black olives on that too

No just basil, oil and s&p for me please

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A caprese with a bowl French fries is a fantastic choice at a pub or chain restaurant instead of getting one of the large, fancy full of ingredients salad offerings which can be hit and miss

the salads they do at the cafe where i work are incredible

Radish is nice in a salad.

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Is this a salad?

It’s very nice.

I’ll tell you what irks me about salad: onion. Now, I’m a fan of an onion in a salad, I like to think of it providing all important bass notes. Slivers of red onion are a lovely thing to find in a salad, especially if they’ve got some balsamic about them. But too often in restaurants you get salads where they’ve just chopped up the onion any old how and shoved it in. And no one wants to eat big old lumps of onion, do they? That’s too much bass. Of course I could pick it out I suppose, but I shouldn’t have to.


You don’t win friends with salad (but I love them).

salad tip! If you are making your own salad and fancy some onion, chop it then soak in a bowl of water with a little salt for 20-30 mins if you have time, it will soften the oniony burp flavour.

Never forget the day I first had balsamic vinegar on a salad. Game changer.