Salad thread (rolling)

wow an early attempt to get the ‘salad or not salad’ ball rolling!!

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It’s a fucking steak, isn’t it.

what the whole meal or the salsa?

I think the salsa could be considered a side salad


That is not a salsa, obviously.

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It’s just chunky ffs

Think he will be a good signing for Liverpool and will be another player Chelsea let go too early, but not sure he deserves his own thread

Check the recipe. No chilli = no salsa.

Well the other day I made as treat, from my cycling nutrition recipe book:

Duck breast salad with redcurrants, walnuts & sweet pickled shallots

Pasta salads - basically cold pasta with mayo and tuna or perhaps tomato sauce and mushrooms, something of that ilk

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Lingui(ni)stically yes, taxonomically no.

Had a great street salad at the weekend.

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