Sale at Record Store website - £8 vinyl albums

Heads-up for vinyl collectors, are selling off quite a few vinyls, plus box-sets and cd box sets.
Quite a few Cure albums £8, plus a few other bits. The Jam cd box set something silly like a fiver!

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Well this reminds me why I don’t visit the classifieds board that often - turns into an expensive business…


Yes! to Among the Living.


Couldn’t go to the 30th anniversary show in London the other month as I was on stupid holiday in stupid Scotland :rage:

Haha - sorry about that - I placed a similar size order!
The Cure albums are an absolute bargain!

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fucking hell this is mint

just got the live Blink 182 LP for 8 quid (don’t judge, i love it)

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good chance to finally pick up the clone wars soundtrack on vinyl

sonic nurse and thousand leaves for £8 aint bad at all

Cheers for the heads-up! Some bargz on there fo sure.

Still not been dispatched, been 10 days now, £8 ‘courier’ delivery as well…

Yeah, my order the same. I wonder if they were inundated with orders.

Only ordered Among the Living and it’s just been delivered.

Same here, I wrote to them and they said my order was being shipped shortly… No actual dates given though

I’ve also had an email to say there is a delay with delivery from the supplier for one of my records, but that it should be resolved in a week or so. To be fair, they offered to deliver everything else or to hang on for the final record.

I ordered mine on Monday and got it today (thursday) via Royal Mail. Mind you it was only a Tim Hardin album. Is everyone ordering Sonic Youth and the cure then ?

Seems there was a delay with The Cure albums, but they now have them. My order has been dispatched yesterday.

got my blink record today

Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me on double vinyl for £8 - what an absolute bargain!

Oh, mama…


my lot arrived in the end, bargain tbf