Sale at Record Store website - £8 vinyl albums

They seem to have all gone back up now - very pleased I got all The Cure albums when I did!!

I wish I went for all The Cure albums, but given that it was the end of the month I got Pornography and Kiss Me x3 as well as Jimmy Eat World’s Clarity.

Still waiting on these after 9 days- did you get a dispatch email - and then how long did it take to arrive?

Took about two weeks. I emailed them and they got straight back to me just to say they were waiting on the supplier. I got a confirmation email when they were dispatched.

Thanks for the info - I got the dispatch email this morning. I’m hoping it comes tomorrow or it will have to sit at the depot for a week.

Was in Fopp yesterday and Kiss Me x 3 was £28. Suckers…

Not quite as good as the Record Store sale, but The Sound Of Vinyl are having a summer clear out. Loads of albums a tenner and double-albums £15.*/Summer-Sale/


Recordstore have also got a vinylae sale on…


The two sites look similar, as does the stock - I wonder if they are linked.
Tempted to buy the four Chemical Brothers double-albums…

Another sale. This time at Sound of Viny - Ian Brown’s Greatest Hits for £9 on double-vinyl got to be worth a punt!*/Black-Friday-Sale/

Another sale at Recordstore - a bunch of decent vinyls at £6 a pop. Some seriously collectable editions of Lulu too…

Seems you can get almost all the Chemical Brothers albums on vinyl for £45!

Heads up - Amazon are selling two of the recent Pet Shop Boys vinyl reissues, Actually and Introspective for £11, instead of £20.
Actually: … uage=en_GB

Introspective: … uage=en_GB

Loads of bargain new vinyl at The Sound of Vinyl as part of black Friday nonsense!