Salisbury Incident




Just read that too! Salisbury; hotbed of International Espionage


Classic Russia


What are they like!?


Right next to a MoD biological weapons defence facility


Got a half decent pun on this but I’ll wait to see if they recover first


Good point laelfs, good point.


Literally tons of miltary barracks down there too thinking about it, innit :slight_smile:


Imagine risking your life for various governments to end it all poisoned on a bench in fucking Wiltshire


Salisbury State.


threw up spectacularly outside salisbury cathedral on NY day, so came kind of half way there.


Thought this was gonna be some cool UFO/stonehenge thing :disappointed:


Without justification, I concluded Wiltshire is by some distance the weirdest county




hmm, maybe. Somerset just wants to be South Wales


Read this as Sainsbury first


Inhale the Difference


this write up!!! :’)

Outside the Mill pub, Frank Carter, agrees.

“Salisbury is out of the way isn’t it,” says the 87-year-old, who has lived there his whole life. “You wouldn’t expect it here.”

But many remain seemingly unruffled by the news.

“I’m not nervous for my own safety,” says Sue Doe, smoking a cigarette a stone’s throw from the closed Zizzi restaurant.

"You’re not from the telly are you? I don’t want to be on the telly," said a man who did not want to be named.

“There’s cameramen and [media] on every street corner, you can’t move for them.”

For others, the publicity is a welcome moment in the spotlight.

"Well, it’s definitely put Salisbury on the map," quips Doris Bright, before going about her day.


I’m done :joy:


Opening line of Virginia Woolf’s unfinished final novel