Salman Rushdie has been stabbed onstage

Bloody hell.

Watched a documentary on the significance of Midnight’s Children only last night, having not thought about his work in years. Know there was a fatwa placed by Iran years ago, but I thought that had ended?

Obviously hope he’ll be alright.

For anyone who is unaware of the The Satanic Verses controversy:

Fuck this is awful, in the neck does not sound good at all. Really hope he pulls through, absolutely fantastic writer.


Fuck, that’s awful.


Unfortunately it’s not looking good.

BBC News - Salman Rushdie: Author on ventilator and unable to speak, agent says

Sounds horrible. I’m hoping that fact that they are saying that he may lose an eye means that he should at least survive? But maybe that’s just false logic. So awful though

I had not realised how many people had been killed in total in response to the book/the fatwa (CW death details) - I read 42 on Reddit? haven’t checked that total, but seems like definitely some translators were shot and stabbed and people were crushed in anti-Rushdie riots

Absolutely wild, I can’t think of anything else on this level for a modern piece of art apart from the Mohammad cartoons?


Considering the amount of countries that have banned the book’s publication - most of the Islamic world, India, South Africa etc - wonder how many of the people who have protested against it have actually read it.


BBC News - Salman Rushdie off ventilator and able to talk


Iran is a fascinating and beautiful country on so many levels but its leaders are a bunch of cunts:

BBC News - Salman Rushdie: Iran blames writer and supporters for stabbing

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