The ammonia-laden liquorice of the northern countries.

  • It’s great. You have no grounds to call me disgusting and wrong.
  • I have not tried it, and my life is all the emptier for it.
  • It’s disgusting, what the fuck is wrong with you people.

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if i’d known this was going to happen i wouldn’t have wasted my salmiakki anecdote on the advent calendar thread!


I go with my Uncle’s Old Mantra ‘If it looks like dog sit, It is dog sht’


Swedish ex used to eat so much of this in one sitting she’d get nosebleeds and stomach cramps. Then do it again next time.


Literally the worst thing I have ever eaten.




Well at least she’s not deficient in ammonium salts.


Literally why we broke up, so thanks for that.


Suspect the RDA for ammonium chloride is really, really small.


Pain relief for your throat


I like how they don’t claim to be the most delicious throat remedy around, just the most delicious from that manufacturer.


Can’t be fucked searching it out so why not repost?


This stuff sounds bad. Ammonia? The fuck is wrong with your people @whiterussian?


just for you, theo (apologies everyone else!):


It’s ammonium chloride, which in your mouth will form ammonium hydroxide and hydrochloric acid. Which is obviously much, much better.


Delicious ammonia, obviously.


Perfectly healthy stuff. Look at all those tall Swedes and Finns and Dutch.


They’d probably all be nine foot tall if they stopped gorging on this muck.


This is a thing I have no interest in trying, ever.


some dutch friends of ours insist that the dutch being so tall is due the amount of dairy they consume.