Yes, but only to wind up @thewarn

No scientist has found a definitive answer, but in general the three most important contributing factors are:

  • high consumption of diary products
  • healthy lifestyle (all that cycling)
  • natural selection: tall people shagging tall people resulting in taller kids
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  • the Netherlands is so flat that the landscape offers few natural vantage points, meaning that being tall gives Dutch people an advantage against natural predators (Belgians).

Fixed that for you.

I think it’s a travesty the UK branches of Hema don’t sell their cakes. (I mean I can’t actually eat a tompoes, too much dairy, but they do have other nice cakes).

Are the Belgians not the prey, laughed at by both the French and the Dutch?


I have never been to a HEMA here in the UK.

For the rst of you, this is the pastry we’re talking about:

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Doesn’t exist sorry, but impressive collective storytelling everyone!

They’ve got a few of the small branches you get in train stations in Victoria (it’s up the escalator in the shopping area), Euston, Stansted and prob some other stations and airports. Just odds and ends like stationery, sweets, toiletries etc.

You’re missing out on (the ammonium chloride) life.

Interesting. Points 1 & 2 definitely apply to me (well, I drink 2+ pints of milk per day and cycle to work) and I am comfortably the tallest person in my family.

Also useful if the dams break.

started liking it recently.
was gonna start a thread inspired by it ‘what’s the grossest thing you reckon could acquire a taste for?’

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Maybe “Disgusting and wrong food and drink you like?”


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can’t be much worse than ordinary liquorice

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Oh my sweet summer child

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