Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom


Who has seen it?
I really recommend it to anyone (who feels prepared to it).


meh. read the book which… yeah. it’s okay. does the film attempt to do anything more profound?


One of those films I would read about at school but always been too scared to watch.

Like The Exorcist. Which is probably just daft bollocks these days.


hah well the “libertines” are fascists now, and the story happens in the end of the 2nd world war, in the north of Italia


oh i just wiki’d it. it looks pretty much like it’s just horror porn. De Sade only really becomes interesting to me in books like Incest where you can suddenly see him freaking out about redemption at the end of the book. Otherwise he’s just a bit of a perv writing what by today’s standards would probably become a trilogy of terrible films with paramore doing the soundtrack innit.


Well, it’s not… scary, but pretty disturbing.


Yeah I have

Impact was lessened by one of the guys looking like Zak Dingle


yer man on the right


It’s not really very good. Basically just “look at me being unpleasant.”


Think my eyes would water by the 4th or 5th day tbh


Pretty much an expression of pure rage which he was eventually killed for. I’d say it’s an important film if not a great one.


It’s one of those films that couldn’t possible live up to its reputation. Horrible, horrible things happen in it, but they’re mostly viewed from a distance, so it can hardly be called pornographic. But it moves at a very slow pace and goes on for a little too long.

Like Eric said - important but not great. Very good way of putting it.