Saltaire/Shipley eats Saturday early evening?

Going to Endless Hum 1.

Anywhere near there to eat that’s nice and veggie friendly? Doesn’t need to be fancy!

Salt Beer Factory does good pizzas, and i had a pretty good curry in Aagrah a couple of weeks ago


Pizza sounds ideal! Thanks so much!

I went to salt beer factory with unlucky and we ate pizza and played shuffleboard, would recommend


Think we also went to aagrah another time or was that somewhere else

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No we went to Shimla Spice, which is good too.


Oh yeah
@almal100 it was Shimla Spice that we went to

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The Crafty Indian is another good curry place, sort of bundobost but not quite as good.

Theres a vegan place in Saltaire -Dandelion Cafe but never been.

Theres also a Thai across the road from Aagrah

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Ace! Thanks so much; looks like we’ll not die of hunger.