Sam Neill and Laura Dern in Jurassic Park

I always thought it was really evident their characters in Jurassic Park were in some way romantically entwined. However there seems to be some debate on Twitter at the moment about it, eg

Fairly baffled to see things like ‘no tangible connection’, I picked up on it and I was 12. Guess it’s time for a poll

  • No tangible romantic connection
  • Romantically involved, at the very least before the events of the film
  • A little bit of a connection but not consummated

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Unrequited love. Doesn’t she have a lid in the 3rd film?

Nope I’m keeping the lid not editing that to kid


Sam Neil and that velociraptor have a few steamy glances to each other


Thought it was that they were a couple.
Thought there was a thing about them potentially having kids? That’s why she’s trying to get Alan to be nice to Billy and his sister?


“clever girl!”


Yeah I know. What the hell?
Like they’d have that little plotline if they were platonic friends/colleagues

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Not really sure what all the fuss is about with this. A 20 year age gap is a lot but for a bit of a flirty scenario at work between people 20s vs 40s or 30s vs 50s (if there isn’t a power imbalance) is absolutely fine.

Dunno mate.
That’s what I always got and I think it’s even referenced in the 3rd movie as he’s like regretful?

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Dr Alan Grant:“I’m not a fossil, hahaha!”

Yeah the age gap thing is a bit overblown especially as Dern’s character comes across as being older than the actress was at the time.
Dead Calm on the other hand

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The real love story was between the ruffle neck dinosaur and Newman.


MALCOLM: By the way, Dr. Sattler - she’s not like, uh, available, is she? - -


MALCOLM: Why? Oh, I’m sorry. Are you two, uh-

GRANT: Yeah.

MALCOLM: I wish you the best luck.


What a Malcolm.

Thought this was a Marlon and Roscoe bit initially


I wonder if they Jurassic Porked

T Rex is cool,
T Rex is nice.
Something something paradise.


I was today years old when I realised that Ben Shephard’s character in Jurassic Park was an awkward third wheel



Wait… she was only 23?! I thought she was like 35 or something?

Dern was 26,her character was meant to be late-20s.

Bit of a weird one then considering the characters’ ages were not so far apart