Sam Neill and Laura Dern in Jurassic Park

I think also surely no one was thinking Sam Neill was 42 (46 when released but I read 42 when they started it so I’m not sure how long production was but seems like they began in 1990 - she is 19 years younger) when they watched it? I figured they were both close to 30.

Actually just checked up Dead Calm which I saw before Jurassic Park and the age difference between Kidman and Neill is the same. I know he’s meant to be older than her but I don’t recall it ever seeming like he was near 40 in that, so maybe I thought of him as more youthful as a result.

i:m sorry ben, you have been caught and eviscerated by the raptors and for you the chase is over

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It’s more that Kidman is barely out of her teens and according to the story has already had a child with him, he does look approaching middle age in it imo

I should really watch it again but that sort of film tends not to have the same power when you know it and I find that sort of villain so hard to watch (obviously that’s the point).

Apparently this was meant to be an inspiration for the original novel


Tbf if I was on dinosaur island shagging would go down the agenda slightly.

For me it would be more important, if anything


He probably looks older cos hes the stuffy, uptight nerd of the bunch.
Goldblum (though older numerically) is ‘Mc Cool’ chaos theory spouting shagger.

I thought it was obvious they were a couple and assumed everone knew and the age gap thing has been blown waaaaay out of proportion

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Just watched it. They definitely aren’t a couple. They call each other doctor

Healthy separation of their personal and professional lives

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Absolutely do not believe they were together one bit

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That’s your right, but…Goldblum literally asks if they’re an item and he’s told yes in as many words?

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I think he flubbed his line, I’ve read the script and the line is actually ‘no, go for it bucko’

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just end it ffs it’s been shit since the lost world

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Always assumed that’s because Grant thought Malcolm was a wrong’n and was looking out for a friend.


Yeah theres absolutely no romantic hints or overtones to the extent that I am amazed its a question and even more amazed people say yes

Think the key thing that shows they arent is when she escapes from the raptor after turning power on and finds him alone in the field after they lost him, theres no love or even a kiss. theres a reunited hug and thats it

I’m curious to know how long a film franchise can go with each iteration being worse than the one before.


Surely one of the horror ones

The Wizarding World’s done at least 7 since it peaked