Samuel Pepys

Quite a common part of therapy to keep a diary, sometimes just for your emotional state, sometimes a standard one. Must be alright I suppose. Not Pepys though.


to me the idea of putting the stressful things I think about down on a page fills me with more anxiety

Many people feel the same way about talking to others about their problems, which is one of the reasons why it works.

you what mate? making yourself more anxious is not fun

A problem shared is a problem halved is a bit of a cliche, but it’s also one with a lot of truth in it.

are you meant to share your diary with someone?

  • Samuel Peppies
  • Samuel Peeps (tory)

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Where my pepys at?

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burying fucking cheese in the garden again

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Just Samuel more Pepys!

Pepys for my Pepys
Sugar for my honey

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Rest In Pepys


don’t think it’s Tory to pronounce somebody’s name correctly

Was it not Lennon who said ’ before Pepys there was nothing ’
I think he knew a thing or two about diaries !
The fact remains, Pepys led, everyone else followed. So, get over it !


bollocks it isn’t

Holla at me pepys

what if it’s a foreign sounding name and you refuse to pronounce it correctly because it’s silly and not English?


so the opposite of what you said is also TorY?

they are the rules mate, I don’t make them.