San Francisco, tips plz



Hi y’all

I’m off to SF and I’m gonna have time to kill, what should I see/do/eat/instagram? I’m staying in the Financial District.

Any tips/advice much appreciated!


it’s been a long time since I went - but hopefully this stuff is still relevant

  • the open top bus tour thing is really good - gives you a great sense of the different parts of the city, and you can just get off and explore all the areas you fancy

  • don’t spend too long down on the pier, it’s just lots of restaurants selling soup in a sour dough roll. Check out the sea lions then head off somewhere else

  • ummmm The parks are very cool. Sorry my memory is shit. You’ll have a great time I’m sure


Yeah its a tourist trap down there BUT it does have In-N-Out burger, so…


Go for a cocktail at the top of the mark and enjoy the view.

Don’t bother with Haight Ashbury.


japanese tea garden was nice. lots of squirrels.


think I missed that (this was like 10 years ago)

the mcdonalds and rainforest cafes down there were both horrible (don’t judge me I was with 3x little kids at the end of a long holiday and we got lazy)


I liked Fisherman’s Wharf. Didn’t bother going to Alcatraz as I wanted to buy a cheap camcorder (OOF, SHOWING MY AGE), but I’d imagine that’s worth seeing.

Generally loved SF – my second favourite place.


The TV has been in SF all summer (working on the open top bus tours actually.) Always recommends the Japanese Tea Gardens. They do look bloody beautiful.

Alcatraz looks absolutely brilliant, even the ferry ride out there looks cool. Muir Woods looks great too.


it’s a great city. don’t have any hot tips or anything though, just the usual tourist shite.


yes! we went to the tea gardens

Very good - and I think the park they are in has a good art gallery in it too


This highly informative blog covers some of SF (worth reading, it’s pretty funny).


Go here and ask for a “too good to be true” milkshake. Seriously. It changed my life. I just cried thinking about it - not far from Amoeba too if you’re going to do some record shopping.

Just lots of eating stuff from me really - eat all the tacos you can. If you’re there on a Friday then check out Food Truck Friday down at Fort Mason. Good Thai food there too. Didn’t eat anywhere that was bad.

Definitely do Alcatraz and make sure you book in advance. Definitely can’t just rock up on the day. Couple of weeks before you go should be safe.

Take a walk around Castro.

Get yourself a pastry from Tartine and sit in Dolores park.

Jealous you’re going, loved San Francisco.


Amoeba Music is in Haight-Ashbury, it’s one of the best record shops in the world.


I liked the Academy Of Sciences, it’s a museum but it also has some penguins, and a rather morose albino alligator flopping round in a pond. There’s a nice bookshop a few blocks north of Haight Ashbury as well, though I can’t remember what it’s called. Otherwise just wander about n’that, it’s all good.


Also, re. Alcatraz: book the last boat of the day if you can - sunset through the Golden Gate Bridge on the way out, nighttime on the way back.

These sell out a month or two in advance.




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I only did like 3 days there cause was at a wedding

STACKS - for amazing huge blueberry pancakes
LA TAQUERIA - in the mission sooooo good
TARTINE BAKERY - for pastries and cakes
IMAGINKNIT - amazing huge wool shop

Saw the painted ladies
that was nice but like 2 mins!
I tried to get on a tram but that was way too busy so couldn’t get on one
That’s about it really. Drove over the golden gate bridge.


It was Green Apple! City Lights was alright too, but I didn’t spend long there.


Aye, missed this. Regret :pensive: