San pellegrino clementina



(Fyi @plasticniki )


Haven’t seen this one. Have been enjoying the pomegranate and orange one though. A women in a takeaway the other night actually refused to let me buy the lemon and mint one as it’s disgusting apparently.


Still not found it :frowning:


Is this the dark green one?


Just got the last multipack from waitrose!!!




really thought this’d be a jordan numbers number for some reason.


Medium green. Light Blue on top.


She is correct


Fuck my stage


had a blood orange yesterday

pretty average for a sanny p, still pretty banging


I’ve had it
Can confirm it’s grim


Oh well fair play takeaway lady.

Was tempted to get the Cawstons gooseberry that I saw at Tebay last night but then I remembered that I don’t really know what gooseberry tastes like.


I am obsessed with the cawstons rhubarb one. It’s so nice!


Yep. My canteen also sell the elderflower lemonade which is great