San POLLegrino - What's your flava? Tell me what's your flava

It’s so hot in the office, and we have lots of San Pellies in the fridge

  • Aranciata
  • Aranciata Rossa
  • Limonata
  • Pompelmo
  • Clementina
  • Melograno E Arancia
  • Limone E Menta
  • Ficodindia E Arancia
  • Chinotto

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shittest soft drink out there, just get a dr pepper and stop pretending you’re joanna lumley


not heard of half of those. blood orange or that lemon one, for me

Why is it so difficult to get Chinotto, though? No online supermarket* seems to do six packs.

*only checked Ocado that one time

Pompelmo 4 lyf.

Chinotto is the devil’s drink.

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sub thread?

last time you had a bottle of Orangina?

a long, long time ago. maybe 1998 or something

sorry to hijack thread

The grapefruit one
Tried a can of it with a bit of spare rum I had and it was fucking A*

Never had one. If I want bits of orange peel in something I buy marmalade.

Have fun drinking marmalade in the matrix!

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or, in fact, an orange

Pompelmo CUNTS!

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Tory juice


No worries Silky - the thread is tagged for chat. Honestly can’t remember, BUT my sister had one on Saturday when i saw her.

But I don’t include the peel. TBH I am not a big fan of oranges or even clementines as there is always so much pith and stringy stuff I have to get rid of.

life is hard, man. I feel ya


I don’t drink San Pellegrino since I found out it was owned by Nestle.


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The blood orange one of these is great but the others taste shite.

Historically, before you found out you were complicit in the deaths of thousands of babies, what was your flavour?

BLOOD orange?

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