Sand ⏳



Let’s talk about sand.


Got any-things with sand in them?


What’s the sand colour at the nearest coastline to you?



Found some sand in my bag earlier.

Haven’t used the bag in a while.

Can’t actually remember the sand-based event which would have involved the sand.




maybe there was a rock in your bag and over time it has become sand



There is some sand in the bottom of one of my bags and I put my quite new phone in there and the sand scratched the screen.


Told my friend that Brighton beach is sandy but the council covers it with pebbles so it doesn’t get everywhere and because people just prefer it. He believes it


i think i have a glass bottle at home which has multiple layers of various colours of sand. not 100%. if i don’t, i definitely did and will not rest until i discover its location.


Favourite sand?

  • Coral sand
  • Volcanic ash
  • Glass sand
  • Immature sand
  • Gypsum sand
  • Ooid sand
  • Silica sand
  • Black sand
  • Greensand
  • Desert sand
  • Lithic sand’
  • Mixed carbonate-silicate sand
  • Biogenic sand
  • Sandwich
  • Garnet sand
  • Olivine sand
  • Volcanic sand
  • Heavy mineral sand
  • Sands with hematitic pigment
  • Continental sand
  • Quartz sand

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How fucking amazing is this song?




Now this is a good #sandecdote


We are all depending on you


I find sand to be the most irritating naturally occuring substance.


Worse than #asbestos?


F O, M


Giant Sand





all right, darth vader