sandwich and crisps running order

you are about to eat a pack of sandwiches (2) and a packet of crisps

whats your running order?

  • one sandwich, crisps, final sandwich
  • crisps then sandwiches
  • sandwiches then crisps
  • some kind of chaotic free for all

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Can I have fruit instead of crisps please

Crisps in Sandwich depending on filling and type
of crisp?

Probably going to bang as many of the crisps into the sandwich as I can and then eat the rest/fallouts intermittently.

sure but does that affect your running order?

I’m not really into cardio

Crisps in sandwich

a lot of you are crisps in sandwich types eh

it was an order

Just go with whatever my heart tells me to bite next.

I call them sarnies

“A BLT and a bag of Smokey Bacon sarnies please”

Free for all but my first mouthful is crisps

I’m not sitting here opening things all day, just swallow the lot of it whole.

I tend to eat my lunch in order of anticipated worst to best eating enjoyment. So depends on the sandwich/crisps.

Got to factor the pasty into this as well.

one of two options:

  • eat crisps on the way back from the shop
  • put crisps inside sandwich then finish remainder of the packet after the sandwiches