"sandwich" cream


Fuck off Heinz, what are you doing??? 106 years of history.

  • I * use it on salads.

Also, while we are here-

Dime Bar
Lansdowne Road
Cinnamon Grahams


oil of ulay?


Opal Fruits 4 lyf


opal fruits


oral fruits


salad / sandwich cream is gross


Loads of gammons getting upset about this on twitter yesterday.

Definitely isn’t* another Choco Krispies thing, oh no.

*definitely is


HAHA, oops. I mean… I’m leaving that.


4 lyf?


:open_mouth: bit risqué :smile:


I am extremely confident that I have never bought a bottle of Salad Cream in my adult life. I just don’t have any grounds to use it.


Yes to this. I have never so much as raised a smile whilst eating one of these, but I frequently shovel them down when out for a long run.




yeah it’s minging


It’ll still be vile


Tournoi Fruits


I haven’t had salad cream in donkeys’ years, but if I were to then it would definitely be on, or more likely next to, a salad. People who put it in sandwiches are a bit strange.




I would like to see John Inverdale commentate on the London Marathon and refer to it as “The Snickers” throughout.

[This is a lie. I never like to see John Inverdale]


didnt they already pull a scam like this a few years back when they said they were going to stop making salad cream and then didnt when there was an “outcry”?