Sandwich Discussion Thread (non-Christmas edition)

But Epimer, you’re literally being more absurd than those very same people!

That’s, like, your opinion.

is a custard cream a sandwich
is the earth itself a sandwich

what is reality


No, it’s a kind of gobstopper.

why am i reading this i have things to do

Is this a true sandwich?


Why does Gordon Ramsay do it to himself!? WHY!? He’s got three michelin stars!!


I know, but he has so much money!


Ego. Power trip. Something like that.

has anyone ever tried eggos? like off stranger things.

i want to try one.

Literally no idea what any of this is.

waffles i think

sandwich classification: uncertain


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When the Dorsas first introduced the product it was called “Froffles”, a portmanteau of frozen waffles. Because of the egg flavor, customers called them “Eggos”. Eventually the name became synonymous with the product and, in 1955, the Dorsa brothers officially changed the name to “Eggo”.[4]

I prefer Froffles tbh.

Banned act.

Honestly I fucking love this show so much
Probably my FAVE thing to watch when I don’t have something specific to watch. It’s either this or DINERS DRIVE INS AND DIVES :heart:

I’d like to see Jonathon Ross advertising Froffles.