Sandwich hell

I call them sarnies

Strangely, it only became my most popular post after the old selfie threads were nuked.

Ridiculously cross-referenced post too


fitting for a ridiculously cross-sectioned sandwich


No. The hot tub shop next to it does though

Genuinely didn’t realise I’d done it twice :smiley:

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I don’t hate this


I am not ignoring this btw. Just need to write the full answers

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This looks alright tbh. Kind of a club sandwich affair, innit. Could go a little easier on the chutney, mind.

I had ham, cheese and pickle inbetween two thick slices of farmhouse white, toasted. Metaphysical status: pretty earthly. 6.5/10, would have again, probably tomorrow.

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photo in the OP looks OK to me and better than your average sandwich in M&S or pret or whatever

In other sandwich crime related news -
I was looking forward to making a cheese and cucumber roll out of the last hotdog bun, this afternoon, until @avery revealed he’d eaten it for his lunch :cry:

  • Gutting! He really needs to do something special to make it up to you
  • Get over it, was just a bun

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Wonder if they’ve added a bread layer to prevent the heat from the sausages transferring over to the lettuce and making it all warm and horrible? If so, that’s kind of visionary thinking


I would solve this problem by sacking off the lettuce.


Butter visible from across the room, why oh why


But that’s not a problem with a BLT, and a BLT is the king of sandwiches

True. Reckon the residual heat from a sausage is greater than a rasher. Higher core temperature

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Dry heaving at that thick layer of butter tbh. I slice cheese about that thickly.