🎅🎄 Return of the DiSmas Secret Santa: OPENING THREAD 🎁🎅

Now it’s just caustic snobby and inclusive :stuck_out_tongue:


How have this many people not got their gifts?! Did some people not bother to send? :cry:

two were late sending theirs out, the other was sent the week before xmas but still hasn’t been received (afaik)

and the others have been received but haven’t posted ITT.

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Oh man, I hope those that were late have sent them now. I feel sad for the people that haven’t received theirs.


Imagine not wanting to open your present straight away

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I was told by Japes my seller had legit reasons for not being able to send it earlier so I wasn’t worried.
Anyway it arrived today and it’s an absolute bonanza
Firstly these little Japanese kit kat bars, one of them is raspberry and almond flavour or something woah

Then separately wrapped Uploading…
I’d said on here I found those editions really pretty so am chuffed with that.
Opened it up and there was a Stuart McCall card :heart:


Absolutely blew this, sorry


with this inside it :heart:

and then best of all this gorgeous notebook

And can’t stop grinning it cos I opened it and these were stuck inside

I think I already know who it’s from @Unlucky thank you so much absolutely chuffed with that.
Where did you get the stickers? Properly thoughtful


( •_•)σ [other dissers who have received a present but not opened it]


Ah glad you liked it. I was gonna put more kitkats in but couldn’t fit them in the package.

Also,was gonna put in a note apologising for the delay but realised about a second after I’d sealed the package I hadn’t.


am I going to have to revive badsanta?


Sooo I didn’t want to open mine til I sorted out my present.

Sooo weird as been watching Father Ted all weekend and open it up and it’s this.


Giggling my head off


Whoops messed the edit right up.

Thanks so much. Gonna guess @Icarus-Smicarus ?


Who else is still waiting for their present?

I think?

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wonton doesn’t have his either :frowning:

Oh I had already put “who else” but yeah…sadly me too

I’ll do some tagging to drum up interest. @dots @he_2 @Kallgeese

I did get mine, I think it got jumbled up with the rest of the presents at Xmas.

If I’m right it was The Nowhere Men by Michael Calvin which was just brilliant.

Any guesses? (p.s. not me)