🎅🍴 What're you eating at your Christmas work do? 🎅🍴

Have we done this already?!

  • Game terrine, ale chutney, sourdough
  • Confit duck leg, thyme fondant potato, braised red cabbage, red wine jus
  • Christmas pudding, brandy butter ice cream

• Terrine of confit duck leg with homemade damson chutney, baby leaves and shallot vinaigrette, toasted sour dough
• Roast breast and leg of turkey with black pudding, apple and loveage stuffing, pancetta wrapped chipolata and a dry sherry pan gravy
• Selection of fine local cheeses with quince paste and homemade cheese biscuits

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Turkey and black pudding. 10 on 10!

Why do Christmas work do menus always sound better than they actually end up being?

Skipping the main one at some dogshit fairy tale themed place in Holborn, but for the team one I’m having:

  • Sweet chilli chicken wings with spring onions, coriander and sesame
  • Roast Norfolk turkey with beef dripping potatoes, pig [singular] in blanket, seasonal trimmings & vegetables, gravy
  • Christmas pudding WITHOUT brandy sauce

The menu has split the office along snootiness lines, with the particularly posh people turning up their noses at it.

Antipasta Della Cassa
Truffle butter rib eye steak
Torta Di Cioccolato

So, a bowl of olives, a steak, and a chocolate tart, then?

(they tart the names up better than this but basically…)
Cheese and onion soufflé with a salad
Tomato and red pepper risotto

Stop ruining christmas you prick

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Chicken wings as a starter eh. Tis the season!

  • Leek and gruyere tartlet with sun dried tomato
  • Winter vegetable risotto with shitake mushroom and Pecorino cheese, crispy parsley
  • Caramelized apple and raisin tart with cinnamon crème

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Literally the only (probably) lactose free starter. I don’t even like chicken wings.

Ah I forgot about your ahem issues.

We aren’t having one this year.

we’ve done this

nothing because they’ve picked somewhere that won’t cater to allergies/requirements. last year the same thing, and i didn’t eat anything. year before they had a proper kitchen so actually catered to me and the other person with allergies. year before that i gave all my food away.

Team dinner

Tarragon, creme fraiche, chestnut shavings

Charred sweetcorn, red pepper oil


Company do

Canapés and pizza later in the evening

Seeded goat’s cheese roulade with red wine poached pears, sugar coated pecans, baby kale and honey.
Slow roasted pork belly with fig stuffing, caramelised plums, parsnip purée, shaved sprouts with jus.
Welsh honey, medjool date, fig and pistachio frangipane with clotted cream.

Fuck off parsnip pureé

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