Sarah Records

A label that doesn’t get talked about enough. Discuss.

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The Smiths can only dream of being this good:

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Some other Sarah faves

Unholy Soul is fantastic album

The whole ‘Feral Pop Frenzy’ LP is great

Obviously this

And this

Hard to pick a song from Razorcuts’ Storyteller LP but I reckon I’ll go with

OK, so Razorcuts were on Creation but they were totally a Sarah band

Oh yeah, nearly forgotten Heavenly

Sarah Records - the sound of my adolescence


This is great. Got it on now, hadn’t heard it before :+1:

brilliant album, totally out of tune singing but not a dud track on it

Just a bedroom classic, as good as any of the early New Order records


Temple Cloud & Shadow Factory comps, Another Sunny Day’s You Should All Be Murdered 7” & The Orchids’ Unholy Soul tape.

Not pictured: Major John 7” by the Wake (think it’s at my parents’ house).

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can I ask…

your copy of Unholy Soul … does it have an exceptionally long (like 90 seconds) silent lead in before the first track? Or is that just on my copy?

No way! For years I’ve been listening to St Etienne’s version of this and thinking it was their song. This versions great though :+1:

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The St Etienne version is good though, they did it justice

(and I wouldn’t worry, I didn’t hear Neil Young’s version of Only Love Will Break Your Heart until years after the St Etienne version)

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Not a whole 90 seconds but I’d say there’s around 45-60 seconds of silence before the first track starts on my copy.

yeah, I guess I overestimated with the 90 secs, mines probably 45-60 seconds too

Weird copy error or intentional building of anticipation? We’ll never know

Also, highly recommend the whole Snowball LP that it is the first track on

All 3 Field Mice LPs are worth your time, but this first one when they were just a duo with a drum machine has such a nice aesthetic

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yeah I’ve come across their name a few times but never checked them out. I’ll give it a listen tomorrow, thanks.

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Field Mice are an absolute musical blindspot for me. tells me I listened to them once, back in 2006. A track called Sensitive. Same album as this?

No, it was their 2nd single and not an album track

though it was bundle on to the album on the 2005 reissue

Love love LOVE Sarah records :heart: Got a sweet T-shirt of the label logo to boot!

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Feel that this is a thread that @BMS1 might enjoy :thinking:

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