Sat 25th Feb LME New year new meat

I didn’t realise Palace v Liverpool was a 745 kickoff, so not sure I can make it now.

  • I can make 25 Feb
  • I can’t make that date
  • I’m coming for another reason but I like polls

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what time are we meant to be starting?

my mates are going to be in a pub in elephant and castle watching football, DiS meat is very much my priority but if going there before/after fits in then I will

Earlier works better for me because it’s a long way and I can’t stay late, but does the date still work for people or should we postpone? Not a lot of people have voted in my poll above and one of the yeses is funky who we all know is lying

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I was going to suggest that we look to a date in March based on there being a few people who can’t make it now.

I think I can still come this Saturday but I’m not fully over covid yet and it would be nice to have a weekend of not being ill, not needing to do stuff. I do very much want to spend time with folk though!


oh balls yeah i definitely can’t make the 25th :frowning:

Yeah I can make 25th but with my mum in hospital it’s not the best timing for me, a couple of weeks later might be better


Postponing sounds best. Hope your mum is ok

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