Morning everyone!

Slept badly. Shame.

Off to the independent label fair at Coal Drops Yard this morning to buy some rekkids, then back to have lunch at ours with some of my girlfriend’s family. (Edit - my girlfriend’s sister. Not my sister.) Think we’re going to try to teach them to place Carcassonne too.

Watcha dooin…?

What’s missing? U R!

Morning all :wave:

Today’s plan: paint the hallway, do some sanding, make pizza later. Currently sat up in bed with a cuppa though.


Working soon (tour) then working tonight (office job).

Not sure what in between, watching Thriller and Scooby Doo probably.


Woke at 6.30…how annoying.

Anyways, tea in bed now and then no real.plans beyond dragging kids out now they are free and going to the post office to return some dungarees.

If anyone wants to find me some non.stretch denim dungarees that are loose fitting please do.

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Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Working 10-2 and that’s about it for today.

Dolly Parton’s hit record still needed some work …



Was awake early so got up to make a loaf. Will have some poached eggs on toast or similar for breakfast in a little while.

Nothing really planned for today. Will take doggo for his walk at some point but other than that :man_shrugging:

Tattoo day! If you can guess what I’m getting a tattoo of, you get 5 points

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A pizza monster swallowing the entire top half of Gareth Southgate?

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A bear

My face

Going to chance my arm (AHAHAHAHA) at a jag walk-in place. That’s about it.


Going to IKEA innit. Feel a bit anxious driving to Croydon :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:



no doubt

A heart with MUM written in it?

Highland cow

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