SAt Err Day

Morning? What you up to?

Got to go get some stuff then make Rs birthday cake, watch football and hope for some terrible stomach upset to affect both teams midmatch so they both lose then maybe a beer.
Show us your mug


Morning all, morning @Slicky

Making coffee. Here’s a picture of my mug and equipment (oo er)


Classic stripes there, very nice

Morning, still in bed but I need to get up.

Today will mainly involve a couple of dump trips, visiting some plant nurseries to buy more stuff for the garden, popping in a beer shop and COOK, planting veg and plants before watching the football with a beer.

Morning @Slicky and everyone.

Being subjected to watching the flipping wedding this morning. Hoping to get out and do something more interesting this afternoon.



Morning @Slicky et Al

Working today from 12ish until 8. Gonna be dead if the weather stays nice. Got a home visit from the midwife today, so will be interesting to see what the hell this baby is up to. Got to nip out and get bagels in a sec

TV’s mug left, my mug right


That British Tea Power mug is great.

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Morning! Still in bed here, but happy to report that there’s tea involved. Mug:

Might go and look at glasses today as I need a new pair. Not sure what else - maybe apply for a job as I need a change, but not massively motivated as this particular vacancy would involve a little less money and a lot more travel.


Great pair o’ mugs there. Hoping baby T gets going soon!

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Ive also got a decline of British tea power, a recently extinct and a rifle/garden hoe one

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Going to watch the royal wedding while waving a tiny union flag and eating cucumber sandwiches with the crusts cut off all day, obviously.

Or look after the smaller niece while the bigger niece has a “sports party” with eighteen other screaming four and five year olds. Haven’t decided yet.

Got so angry about the royal wedding i swore at some bunting


Morning Slickers, all. Waiting for some more boxes to be dropped off, then going to make the most of the wedding and go and do my big shop, hopefully giving me a clear run around the aisles, but more likely it’ll be packed with people doing exactly the same. Not much else going on except watching the football, could be the dullest game of this or any season I reckon. Here’s my mug, it’s simple, yet effective.


Shop for t-shirts
Finish some work
FA Cup
Pack for holiday


Had way too many beers last night :relieved::relieved::relieved:

Really fancy a massive breakfast. Could either make some sort of potato hash / chorizo / egg thing, or nip round the corner to the greasy spoon. WWDiSD?

Spose I’d better get up and show you my cup.

Here’s my mug.


Greasy spoon, better for the ol’ hangover.

Already drank my tea

I had only 2 hours sleep cause of bad mental health stuff so have cancelled my gym classes. I think i’ll go get my eyebrows done and then maybe go for a walk somewhere. Although I want to just hide under the covers.



Basically just music and catching up on work today. Would rather be working than watching the royal wedding.

Also, snap @Funkhouser


That’ll learn it.