Good Morning DiS,

It’s another beautiful out there. Clear blue skies, and it looks like it’s going to be the warmest day this year so far

This morning involves ParkRun, then taking the boy to try and find some people doing parkour. This afternoon I’m actually leaving Brighton and catching a train to Lewes to visit Beak and Abyss breweries. And then if I’m still standing after that, a friend of a friend is DJing at my local, but we’ll see how that turns out.

Tell me your plans, even if it’s just sitting in the park for fifteen minutes to top up your vitamin D


Morning Rob

Just chilling with a coffee and a slight headache for now, cracked the widow so I can hear the birds outside.

Not much planned today other than a walk, it’s our first weekend in many and for many to come that doesn’t have some sort of social plan, so we’re gonna enjoy the aimlessness and hopefully just have some good food and drink on the way.


Morning. Day three of isolation. Feeling pretty miserable, ngl. Thank God we have a garden tbh. Though the lawn needs mowing, and only one of us is well enough to look after the baby so… the lawn ain’t getting mowed.


Good morning! Just been up with the kiddo for an hour eating cereal and listening to the radio. It’s well sunny out so we’re gonna hang outside today.

Football shortly.

Lucy Dacus has been cancelled so no trip to Leeds later. Might go to the pictures or something

Got a lot on today. Got hospital appointment shortly but then going to a friends to plan a camping trip and then off to my sisters for my niece’s bday to be the designated FUNCLE currently eating a full english in the sun

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Hey up. It’s Christmas in March today with extended family.

Going to make a hotcross bun, put washing on and out and pretty myself up.

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Morning all!

Had my deferred Xmas do with work colleagues so I am quite the hangover.

The Child’s drama showcase is the morning and then this evening we’re going to the LOL Dolls live show.

I’m considering a McDs breakfast.

GM. Have a cold, but all family seem to have one as well, so don’t even get any sympathy for that.
Might be playing tennis this morning with the kid. Should feel refreshed as went to bed at 10pm but feel terrible!

Hideous hangover

Alright alright alright

Terrible night. Didn’t fall asleep until 3am. Youngest was a pain all night. Annoying. Driving to Worthing late this morning. Staying over night at my best mate’s gaff. Exciting. Rugby all day, visiting a beer shop for beer. Get to escape my drudgery for a day.


You have my thoughts and prayers x

Morning :wave:

I am drinking a cup of tea in bed. Very much looking forward to getting out in the sunshine!


Somehow my bag of oats has vanished. M is too good a liar for me to know if she’s been involved or not. Really hungry :sob:

This mystery is going to be my main focus of the day.

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Was up late and up early thanks to a furry alarm clock. Bit hungover but I’ve got off reasonably lightly.

Had coffee x2 and toast and marmite, watching some Married AFS Australia. Might get out in the sun in a bit, I’ll end up having a cinnamon bun no doubt

Then getting on the BreweryTrain to Lewes this afternoon!


Bit of granola, first park run in months and months :grimacing:

No plans after that. Maybe do a bit of work for my work course.

About to board this plane

No prizes for guessing where it’ll take me


Kuala Lumpur?


Plan was: chill with coffee and records, watch daughter play football, mow the lawn, make pizza.

Plan now: cat has just come in with a horrible, bloody puncture wound on his chest- so that.

Too soon