Sat on a turd day

It’s late (early), it’s hot, I’m up at 6 and I can’t sleep for shit. So I’m starting Saturday now.

I am lying here listening to Jesca Hoop and marvelling. Lovely stuff.

Tomorrow I’m picking up the boy then playing at a wedding. Not a massive fan of the couple so it’s bound to be a cavalcade of bollocks.

What you up to, friends?

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Saw the haxan cloak (Friday night) who was fucking brilliant.

Wired as all hell now :confused:

Got a movie triple bill planned for Saturday;
My big fat Greek wedding


Very little.

Gonna roll out of bed in a few minutes.
Might have a crack at making chilaquiles for breakfast - or might just do a breakfast burrito.

Got the dusting and hoovering to do. Stick some washing on. And then doss around on the Xbox or whatevs for the rest of the day.

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Oh my giddy aunt… First night of stag was waaaaayyyyy heavier than anticipated. And now for some reason we are obliged to be up in time to watch some lions and kiwis. :scream:


Off to work

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We are in the same boat. I went to bed at 5 and now we’re in a pub watching the Lions. I want to sleep


Just off to the pub to watch the rugby.

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TV has just woken me up to go for a pee. Talked TV into going into the garden to the rabbits out while they’re up (not a euphemism). Not sure whether I’m going to a) let them bang my brains out when they come back, or b) get up and put the rugby on and make bacon sarnies. CBA to do both.

I’m heading down to Gateshead to watch the mighty Motherwell in a pre season friendly.
I have my train Coke Zeroes ready.


Hullo. Off to band practice in a bit. Gonna have eggs and coffee and watch some seinfeld first though. Probably wont do much else today if i’m honest.

Keep us posted!


Solidarity bro

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Gym this afternoon, wedding this evening, New Forest tomoz.

Only slept because I had the fan on full blast pointing at my face.

Working :tired_face:


This is the earliest I’ve been up for weeks, pretty excited about that to be honest


Nigel Owens is sat next to us in the pub :heart_eyes:

same I think! I really need to do some gardening but it’s already silly hot here so whatever

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Haven’t a Scooby how today is going to work out.

Might just stay in the bath all day.

Also working. But listening to Dusty Springfield which is lovely.