Sat on a turd day

Morning all.

I’ve promised the gf I’d be up and ready to buy her Ed fucking Sheeran tickets this morning. Worse still, I thought they went up at 9am but it turns out it’s 10am. Shafted myself out of an extra hour sleep.

I’ve promised myself I’ll go for a run and have a productive day of writing today. I’m taking bets on what time I end up playing videogames instead.

Y’know @colossalhorse , there are plenty other girls out there. And most of them don’t like Ed Sheeran.
Just saying.


Listening to my morning jacket

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Fucking hell I’m hungover.

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Judging by his record sales I think ‘most’ is optimistic.

Also I kind of love this one. Sigh.


Which song / album?

Listening to weezer.


When I wrote this post I found a half-written reply from last night trying to say how drunk I was. It was almost indecipherable.

Desayuno del campeones:



No plans. Foot still broken so can’t really go anywhere. Maybe I’ll make some bread.

I’m now in englandtownshire

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Morning all. Joyce Manor were incredible last night, Martha were brilliant too. Fucking love the Brudenell.

It’s my mother-in-law’s birthday today so we’re off for a walk on Ilkley Moor then having afternoon tea.


Had a fucking great day yesterday culminating in seeing radiohead with one of my best pals and @unlucky and @keith! Absolute GBOL.

Sitting around hungover now and waiting for computer parts to arrive. Heading out for birthday drinks part two with pals later on.


At Dawn. Might give the new one a go

Really like Z

Wish we had a garden… Think I’m gonna go over the road to the park and lie in the sun with some tunes on…

I woke up at six thirty to feed and change a baby. It was an ordeal after drinking cider from three yesterday (as @cutthelights says, GBOL.) I’m still amazed that Radiohead played 25mins from my house.

Really enjoyed my sleep after that and Wor Lass made me pancakes when I woke up at ten.

Quite a busy day of furniture delivery and collection.

I really feel like today is the first day of my summer holidays.


Yeah me too. Saw them touring it, excellent gig

Head is killing. Got a free pass to go drinking from lunchtime on work’s time from my manager yesterday. Made full use of that. So probably wasn’t at my best for Radiohead.

@cutthelights friend blew my cover as non-Internet normal guy. Was great to meet yous though. Just said to my friend ‘I’ve never met him before’ and he was like ‘what?’

Friend made me get up to watch the rugby union.

Just made strong coffee and gonna head out for breakfast.

Then probably kelvingrove to soak up some culture for half an hour so can pretend I wasn’t just drinking all weekend. West/ Drygate are calling.