Woken up with a hangover the size of Britain and trying to see who I inadvisably called at 1am. Got no rennies which is v bad. Might need to go shop while I still can!

Not sure what I will do with the rest of my day. U?


Working an 8am to 8pm both today and tomorrow :slightly_frowning_face:

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Oh no. I’ve not gone to bed yet


At work for another hour and then off until Thursday deargod


Good morning everyone,

I too was woke up by the cat being very mean and loud. I imagine I’ll fall asleep after my gf leaves for work. Unfortunately raining today so I’ll probably stay in and fuck about on Ableton, though I was planning to go and buy some records or something. Boring

Set the cat to work making music. Money time

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Morning, halloween,

Made cut out ghosts and spiral spookies as we’re having a Halloween inside after the government BANNED it (as of I was going to take my kids out).

Dooking for Apples, pin the spoder on the Web. Etc

Also making a home made mcdonalds breakfast.



Hi. Not sure what to do today. Weather looks shite but kiddo will need to get out. Dunno. Tired as per


Our friend who dropped round that Cameroonian rice/stew last Sunday is inviting us for lunch today, which is nice. Before that, we need to take the girls to the dentist :scream: - not looking forward to that.

Feeling a little uneasy this morning for some reason. Didn’t sleep amazingly well

Happy Halloween DiS! :jack_o_lantern: :ghost: :skull: :bat:

Once I’ve had a shower I’ll be off to the shops to buy ingredients for bat biscuits (no bats included). There’ll also be Halloween dressing up and a trick or treat treasure hunt in lieu of actually leaving the house.

According to Facebook I’m meant to be seeing 808 State at the Concorde tonight. postponed from earlier this year. Hey ho.


Oh yeah, and we were going to have a barbecue and light the chiminea and have our pumpkins in the back garden. I reckon the weather might see that off :confused:

Am oan the ‘on call’ night shift. Few hours work then sleep and get called if needed. Done it for 10 years!

Need to panic get eyebrows done before lockdown today
Not much else on the agenda!

Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Morning. Getting a flu jab this morning.

Apart from that I’m going to sit on my arse I reckon.