filth sounds nice


Was going to say new candyman but it’s been delayed till next year I think

Man it’s minging out.

Gonna go see my nephews then get supplies and sit in the rest of the day with lots of music, wine, food etc etc

Happy birthday @NoahVale hope you have a lovely day my good man. :+1::beers:


Bleurgh, such grim weather.

We’re looking through a CD of all old photos (like over 100 years old) of the town where my mum (and @marckee) is from. Really cute! So much of it looks the exact same :joy:

PS happy birthday @NoahVale! :partying_face:

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Monica as Catwoman.

I can’t really think of much that’s changed since we moved away about 30 years ago. There’s not been much new housing there - largely as a result of the closure of the oil refinery.

The old junior school was demolished and a small estate built in its place, but that’s about it, I think.

  • The Foo Fighters have a couple of good songs but are mostly boring
  • I would enjoy The Foos at Reading

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“Did you bring my Racing Post and a good malt like I asked?”
“Yes Sir Alex.”
“Good lad. Shut the door on the way out.”

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I have seen the Foo Fighters at Leeds twice, I think.

Once was from a ferris wheel because we weren’t actually that fussed about watching.

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I watched The Slumber Party Massacre (1982) last night. It was on the cusp of goodshit but mainly badshit however it did feature this excellent glowing goose lamp which I really need to have now

  • Pour melted chocolate over the Nutella Cheesecake
  • It’s rich enough already you slag

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This cheesecake sounds intense, but you deserve Nutella on Nutella and don’t listen to them what says otherwise

I’ve been sleeping badly so I’m only just waking up which is very wasteful of the day! Missed a call from the estate agents but my phone signal in this house is very bad so I can only hope my beloved TV will phone them back for both of us.

At my parents house ostensibly keeping mum company while dad is in hospital but mostly just blasting through Below Deck and eating loads of sandwiches. I think it’s helping.

Apparently Sean Connery has died :frowning:

It’s not wasteful, you need the rest :slightly_smiling_face:

Hope your dad gets to come home soon.


They just do nothing for me as a band. I can see why other people like them but just not for me.

Didn’t realise he was as old as 90. Mid 70s I thought.

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everything after there is nothing left to lose is terrible. Really enjoyed seeing them at Brixton in 2000(?) though. Not now.

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Just went to the supermarket with my housemate. Fucking nightmare

  • Panic buying has started where I live
  • Panic buying has not started where I live

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Yeah- we still go there (my Nan and uncles are buried in Fobbing Road cemetery) and it’s pretty derelict.

Did any of your family work for Shell? My mum worked in the canteen and it was her favourite job :joy: