Sat Ur Day 18/01


Got much in store for your Saturday? I’m going to a national trust places near Bristol and meeting my ATD and family and running the kiddos around. Staying over at hers tonight and I’m sure they’ll be cooking us up something tasty. Looks like it’ll be a great sunrise out there. Clear and sharp.

Try and have a good one yeah x


Morning rich. Up early (quarter of 2 :grimacing:) for work. 3 hour drive to a site in New York. Hopefully im out of there before the snow hits. We shall see.


Up this early, for work, in a Saturday morning, is mad. Hope it passes swiftly NY and you’re not affected by the snow


Morning Rich, NeilYoung, pals.

The kid woke up at half five and wouldn’t go back to sleep so I’m sat feeling a bit dazed watching The Snail And The Whale with her.

Not sure what to do today. Hoping the kid will nap at some point so I can go the fuck back to bed.

Watching Kipo in bed, I’m more into it than M I think.

Toast, uni, then chores around the house.

How come you’re at uni on a Saturday

  • Go back to sleep it’s too early for a Saturday.
  • Stay up. Must browse the Internet.

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Just how they’ve structured it. Each unit has a 3 day residential Thur-Sat then its distance learning the rest of the unit. Guess because its geared up to people in work who are in quite senior positions (me excluded) and makes time off work easier


Off to the gym. See you all in Waterloo later :+1:



Vanishing Twin were properly brilliant last night, and Jimbo slept through the night, so all’s good here. No hangover either, so in about an hour I’ll head off to do ParkRun.

Been walking round Bangkok and came back and jumped in this which sorted me right out.



Turns out I can’t get back to sleep.

Morning Rich. Gym. House viewing. Hockey. Dunno.

Morning all. Haircut, drive to peterborough, see parents then off to meet some atds/ghosts of dis past.

Made kiddo porridge. She felt out refused to eat it. Second breakfast for rich-t then


Just broke my bed lads :smirk:

by sitting on the end to put my seagull socks on

Fucking hated that bed, waste of £400. Fuck off La Redoute. Guess I’m going to be researching new beds today ffs.





Going to work :frowning: another day on the relentless misery treadmill.

You’ll get through it mate! I bet you have something scrumptious for dinner to look forward to :blush:


Yeah! That’s right! Walking to Sonning later. Might likely involve a meal and, I’d hazard, a bottle of wine. Might portion out a hip flask of my walking booze, Drambuie for the way back, then accidentally neck that on the way there with horrific consequences. (the horrific consequences shall be a lack of my walking booze, Drambuie for the way back). Oh ffs! Someone, who in the interest of ambiguity, shall remain nameless, is already trying to task me with chores that involve no longer being in this here bed that I’m currently in.

  • Get up and do the one chore asked of you
  • Get up and do the one chore, then remain up and chore the shit out of the kitchen, like with all the washing up and the cleaning and the breakfast making and all that
  • Listen to the cricket
  • Rest your weary head on the cat and have a lovely nice snuggle
  • Oh shit! We need to look at the shoe (she probably said, schuh) sale.
  • Nice day for a walk, actually. Can I come?

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