Sat Ur Day

Alright guys. How were yr Friday night nights? Trying to dodge a hangover or fresh as a daisy?

Plans for today? I’m travelling back to visit my parents and Grandparents, then hopefully avoid the in-laws and sitting in a pub for a while, but I doubt that will happen

Hiya! how’s the bairn? I’ve just got in so i’m gonna eat 3 wagon wheels then try to sleep.

Just sneezed myself awake. Thanks hayfever.

Friday night was chilled. Sober and in bed at 1030. Today I will mainly be climbing, gaming, and working on music.

She’s amazing thank Tilly. Screaming the house down most evenings, but well worth it! Enjoy the wagon wheels


Very on brand Aphextwinkletoes post, this.


Ngl, sounds pretty hectic, but worth it.

Nocturne today. :biking_man: :biking_man: :biking_man: :biking_man: :biking_man:



Thanks babe, wish me luck. :kissing_closed_eyes: Guesting for a team. Tom Pidcock is on the startlist :anguished: Hopefully see you tomorrow! Will be somewhere on the course in a commissaire bin shouting at teenagers so I’ll definitely need a pint afterwards :sweat_smile:

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Tronno* :maple_leaf: :kissing_heart:

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Going to a BBQ in Newbury later, cba obv

First, need to do a mist coat on the living room walls. Also cba

Here’s a photo I took last night. Big chicken is “Welly” (she’s a Wellington something something breed), and definitely queen of the garden. The wee white one is Colon (@colon_closed_bracket), definitely the young new upstart of the garden. Never really see them together so I was like “aww” (might have been a bit pissed).


This one. Probably go back to sleep.

No plans, probably go for a potter and buy some food.

Twin Peaks ain’t it.

Morning all.

Been awake since 5. Today is going to be hard work.

Village ‘fun day’ today. At the kids insistence we’re entering Bertie into the dog show (best rescue, waggiest tail, and dog the judge would most like to take home categories). Drinks with the in laws afterwards.


I’ll give you a text tomorrow. GL tonight

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Cheers babe, looking forward to it!

Will basically be there all day from 8am so I’ll be around even if I don’t reply straight away (probably gotta focus on a race or some bullshit).


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Got in from work at about 11.30 last night, but that’s because we’re off to Copenhagen this morning for a few days. Gonna drink some beers, do some cycling and wandering and mooching.

I need this break.


Morning. Just about to head out and drop the car off for its MOT. Slightly irked because it needs to be there by 8:30. And will be done “at some point” before midday. There’s nothing near the garage so will have to head home only to have to head back out again a couple of hours later to pick it up.

Other than that just doing music stuff, as per the usual Saturday.

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Woke up breathing like a pug, love pollen life

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