Sat Ur Day

You mean other than you, right?

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No I’ll wait till at least 10:30 of course.

(Never had a kebab in my life - proud badge of honour)

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Ooh! Those Technique ones are incredible! I might have to go to the DMs shop in town and ask about them :slight_smile:

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Think they’re on sale from the 14th.

:joy: just what Ian would’ve wanted

Morning :wave:

Just missed my return train after dropping R off so of course I went and bought a missive flapjack and stupid sugary cold coffee, so much for loosing weight :woman_facepalming:

Going to do more birthday prep when I get home if I can cba.

Alright -t, all. Birthday do for a pal at a nice looking pub on the Thames over Chiswick way. Weather is glorious so beers in the sun sounds peng. Some chaps are down from Lincoln (UTI) too so should be a good day.

Meeting other m9s for dinner in the evening.

Thinly veiled look at all my pals

Hope you have a lovely day jez

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Ha I rarely get to see my cystitis friends so I’m pretty giddy. And thank you, should be a good day! I’m sure I’ll be posting of my hangover woes tomorrow but the cricket is on so that always helps soothe the head.


DIY any minute now. Everything is ready. Any second. Just need to finish my coffee then we’re off. Any time soon.


Also I haven’t brushed my teeth yet. Feels grim.

Maybe he wouldn’t have been thrilled about the third pair based on the Unknown Pleasures album:

Peter Saville’s work innit? Would imagine Ian would’ve been far more distressed to have heard Barney whooping through live versions of his tunes:

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Fletch is on TV- Harold Faltermeyer rocking the synths!

Yeurgh it’s marching season. One of the few negatives of living here.

It’s taken 3 days but I have finally finished Twin Peaks: Fire walk with me


ive gotta have an eye operation jfc

Gonna wear a patch?

alllllll the people


Ah. Brilliant.


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