Sat Ur Day


Great gig last night (Ulrich Schnauss doing his thing at my local arts centre), but awake in the night with cramp in my leg.

Haircut this morning, mooch round town this morning, 40th Birthday picnic this afternoon. There was talk of going out tonight but our usual babysitter is busy, so QNI instead.

Do you ever get cramp in your foot? Like the arch bit? Suffer from it a fair bit and HOLY FUCKING MOLY almost tears each time

Which venue?

After well overdoing it earlier I totally crashed. Now back up and feeling good, time to get on those tables…but a beer first :+1:


Went for Just The One after work in Glasgow yesterday, ended up getting the last train home. :smile:

Feeling a bit indigestiony from the bento box I shoved into my face before the train so gonna give parkrun a miss and lie on the couch and watch last night’s :basketball:


It was in my calf. Absolute searing pain at 5am.

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The Rosehill off London Road. Used to be a pub, and it’s a beautiful building, but the pubco ran it down and tried to sell it to developers, but the locals got one of those community orders for it and now it runs as a non-profit arts centre. The bar’s great too - last night I was drinking Magic Rock Highwire and Kona Big Wave.

Morning all.

No hangover as I got the train up north to my parents last night and today I’m going on my brothers stag do. It’s a fairly sedate affair and no lad-y types. They’re all a bunch of role playing peniods thankfully and I think there’s going’s to be board games at the pub later :+1:. Should be fun.


Didn’t realise @Epimer was your brother.

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Morning all. TV’s off at a hen do (poor fucker) all day so I’m planning on having a day of life admin, the highlight of which will be my tax return. Might go all out and wash the car after.

Blatantly gonna sit around in my pants doing none of the above. Cheers all.


Is this a beery fart euphemism? It sounds like one.


Morning all!

Wedding of two of my ATDs today. Apparently none of us are even invited to the ceremony, just the big pissup/ BBQ reception. There’s meant to be a cailidh (sp?) but I’ll be able to avoid that.

I’ll hopefully get some papers marked this morning while my mother entertains her grandchild.

Morning. We were supposed to be going to Cambridge today but the tv’s binned that idea which is fine with me. Wondering what we’ll do.

Pretty excited by these:


Morning! Decided to go to Glasgow today. Was suppose to be on my way but I reset my alarm 5 billion times. Anyway! Woo!


On the train down to London to watch Hamilton!

drinking tea. Absolutely nothing else going on.

Think they play in Scotland pal.


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High five for making my joke!


Day off work! I got given my birthday presents from my parents last night, so I am now a cool kid with a Kanken bag and a guide to biblical Hebrew (???).