Tell me about your days

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Me? I’m driving to see my best mate in Bristol today and then driving back later. Will pop out and get some Guinness 0% to watch with my jeans and sheauxs on for the rugby.

But, left tonsil is up and I’m talking funny :rofl:



Just lying in bed, thinking about getting up.

Going to watch men chase a ball around this afternoon. Couple of beers with the old man first.

Going for a Local Indian this evening.

Good morning.

Still in bed with a cat purring at my feet. I need to go to a Halfords to get some new headlight bulbs as one went last night. Need to decide if to swap them out or give them an extra £18 to do it for me.

It’ll either be Redhill Halfords with a McDonald’s lunch or East Grinstead Halford and a nice cafe.

After that I need to grab a few food bits to take to my sisters for a family board game night.

Going London! Off to see the lion king. Plan to get there in time so I can watch Arsenal first. Gonna make a two hour plus playlist to please the family in the car

I hope I make it back! If not, it’s been a pleasure


Lewes Psych Fest today. That doesn’t start until 3pm though, so I intend to do as little as possible before then. I’m on taxi duty for a bit this morning, but then I might have a disco nap at lunchtime, cos last year I was knackered by the end of it.


In the week long fest that is Vs birthday, today we are off to Haynes Motor Museum. Should be alright

Then dog run, Lockwood and probably chips for tea

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If you look at my post from last Saturday it’s probably exactly the same but with a few minutes more daylight.

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Postmodern RnB duo reinventing yacht rock for the TikTok generation. Pitchfork love their first album.

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Morning all!

Busy day for us: Drama first followed by a trip to Edinburgh for Wor Lass’s Mam’s birthday. A very tasty pear and ginger cake was made last night so the promise of that will be what gets me through the freezer buffet and her stepdad explaining how Alexa works again.

I’m not sure if we’ll be back in time for cooking so there is a potential takeaway on the way back.

Taking the dog to a field for a run around, then pub with a friend for the England Rugby.

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Knackered mates

Wife has a really awful cold and is completely out of it and can’t stop coughing so neither of us has slept much since Tuesday

Also means I’m on pretty much all child duties so taking the little tyke off to a soft play this morning then maybe the park this afternoon

No evening plans, hopefully sleeps

Also really want to do a tupperware audit as im pretty sure it’s 90% lids atm, but no way that’s happening today :slightly_frowning_face:

Morning all :wave:

Slept reasonably. Few jobs this morning then off to watch Cheekster 1 in the matinee of her school’s production. Last performance is tonight - will be glad of a more restful day tomorrow.

Apologies for the slight lateness of the :sun_with_face: DAYLIGHT UPDATE! :sun_with_face: this morning!

:sunny: :crescent_moon: Daylight :heavy_plus_sign:
King’s Lynn 07:36 16:48 09:12:27 +3:36
Brighton 07:32 16:56 09:24:21 +3:20
Glasgow 08:05 16:56 08:50:29 +4:08
Manchester 07:49 16:57 09:07:42 +3:43
The Beer Factory, Devon 07:45 17:13 09:27:31 +3:16
Newcastle 07:52 16:49 08:57:06 +3:58
Cardiff 07:46 17:07 09:20:31 +3:25
Belfast 08:07 17:07 08:59:55 +3:54

No milestones today, but look at all that lovely extra daylight!


London: the sun has risen


I don’t normally post on the daily threads but today I have the double whammy of a tip trip and a visit to Screwfix - living the dream!


My stepdad is very jealous!

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Saturday? Today? Is it? February has confused me.

It was really nice waking up about 5am, realising it was Saturday, and falling asleep again

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Off to the Joan miro museum in a bit then some lunch. Will spend the rest of the day cutting about, havjng a few drinks and eating more food. :slightly_smiling_face: