predictions for the game? don’t suppose rugby is massively popular here but I’d be up for some 6 Nations chat and my anti-posh credentials are impeccable, I’ll have you know. is there usually enough interest for a thread on the sports board?

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There’s a few of us.


Wales loss
England loss
Italy loss



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Oh yeah six nations kicks off today. Fancy yer chances rich?

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See above

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We’ve had one in the past.

With both sides having injuries and Borthwick new in post, it’s a tricky one to call. I’m glad we’re playing 2 flanker rather than shoe Horning a lock at 6.

England by about 6 because I think our forwards subs are stronger.

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Made one, but I need someone to flesh it out…

I would switch England and Scotland, but Ireland and France is a proper toss up with the injuries the French have.

Feeling a lot better than I did yesterday, that’s for sure. Really bad cold knocking me out, I went up to bed at like quarter past nine ON A FRIDAY if you can believe such a thing.

Anyway, I’m up listening to music and maybe writing because I’ve started to suck at writing and I’m trying to not suck at writing so it’s a whole thing

Is this the good rugby or the rubbish one?

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Slept bad but had a fun evening hanging out with all the students in the pub.

Having a coffee in bed then I’m going to get up and make brekkie (egg, mushrooms and beans on toast seems likely, plus more coffee and OJ)

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Good morning everyone. Had biscuits for breakfast so it’s going to be a good day, I can feel it.


What type of biscuits, little otter?

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Just been to park run in imaginitively name war memorial park. Should have been faster as was flat but find new ones difficult to pace.

Gonna shower then decide which train I’m getting. Half 12 means a change and an hour in Preston

Half 2 is direct but means finding something to do for a few hours whilst dragging a case around

Oreos (standard), double choc Maryland, and then a couple of digestives with my tea. Probably should have done it in reverse order and had the sweet ones last, but I had a rush of blood to the head.


Gonna have a crumpet then head off to collect my Young Fathers album. Then I’ll also listen to the Young Fathers album

Maybe cinema later but a pretty unplanned day - which is fine by me tbh




Rubbish one


Who’s the musical highlights?

Though you could watch Barrow Vs Toulouse


Had a few records on whilst browsing apartments for Primavera. Heading off shortly to my parents for a family birthday gathering for my mom, just wrapping the gifts up now and I only have wrapping paper themed for young children left so that should confuse my nephew.