Sat(urday) at home isolating

Hey guys. It’s the weekend!

I’m actually seeing my friend today and we are going to have a nice lunch together. So that’s good and will take my mind off this weird purgatory.

How about you, what’s in store?


Managed to get some overtime that had initially been cancelled back so going to work this morning then off to Riptide Wrestling for some graps and beer

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Going to combine doing very creative things with getting very, very drunk. It’s the only two ways to get through this purgatory. Actually, three if you count the tried and tested DiS method of cute opossum vids :smiley: :heart_eyes:


I’m in London for a fun weekend. 40th bday party today that maybe no one will turn up to, dunno.
Weather looks shite.
Woo yay wooo

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We have been asked not to hug the wrestlers btw


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Think we might be coming home next week if we can. Everywhere’s locking down and there’s a massive risk we’re gonna get stuck or quarantined somewhere


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If we can get into Cambodia we might stay but it’s not looking too promising.

Impossible to plan anything as the rules are changing every 5 minutes.

Feel lucky as we’ve managed to get 6 months done. Been speaking to some girls who are 3 weeks into a years trip and might be going home on Wednesday


Funniest thing my brother’s ever said is years ago he suggested the image of Vieira doing punditry or something and still putting Vick’s all over his chest on his shirt


Someone next door has an alarm that never turns off and they’re presumably not in

Absolutely FUCK those cunts. Fuck off fuck off fuck off. It’s been half an hour now

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Last couple of hours celebrating bring a white van wanker.

Was meeting some mates for rugby/beers/curry #pubbloke but rugby is cancelled and I’m very broken from moving and cba. May go to S’hampton for solo beers in recovery


Film screening with a q and a this afternoon, then home to barricade myself with vidja and probably chips

I really don’t like driving vans but Wor Lass absolutely loves it. The fact that she is (quite literally in a lot of respects) the polar opposite of a white van man makes me chuckle every time she suggests needing to hire a van.


Morning all :slight_smile: we’re still hanging around in the bedroom which is quite nice - feels like ages since we had a relaxed start to a Saturday morning. Might go for a walk this morning, still need to decide about the football this afternoon. Going to make pizza and watch a film with the little’uns this evening

Going to get a coffee, get my hair did, maybe go cinema and go for a run while my darling partner is on a hen do

I loved it. Felt like a total boss and hie many WVM listen to Volcano!

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  • I wake up on a Saturday at the same time I wake up for work during the week and it’s annoying because I could do with more sleep
  • I wake up later on a Saturday because I can

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Family visit planned today has been called off because of c * r * n * v * r * s (never realised that word is alternative vowels and consonants, niiice) and we don’t want to risk my grandma’s health at the moment.


Going to do fuckall instead and I can’t wait. Read a book, walk about, scratch my arse etc

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