Sat(urday) on my own


Can’t get home


Fuck off cunts

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Great thread.


Sorry for being such a bellend

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is this the saturday thread

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It is now




Hi rich, how is it?


thinking about buying some smoked salmon and having smoked salmon and scrambled egg on a bagel for breakfast


Going to have a single slice of toast with peanut butter so I don’t vom after the parkrun


Alright, Mariah Carey


It is a bloody lovely morning here in North Bristol. I think I just saw a hare in the graveyard, but I’m on a bus so couldn’t stop and linger. I’m going to tell everyone I saw one anyway. Have a nice day everybody!


Alright. Was awake before the baby, so cracked on with a load of washing up. @profk’s weeding playlist he’s done is chock full of bangers. Off to the zoo today!!



Sat(urday) on my own


The man does love a banger, I’m sure it’s brilliant. I’ll be off to work in a bit. Just today and tomorrow to get through then 4 days off though.


Hello all. Plans:

  • morning: probably a walk somewhere and maybe a pub lunch? Though the weather is looking slightly iffy (light rain showers). Might go for it anyway - am not averse to a rainy walk
  • afternoon: listening to the NPL / Southern Premier League Central super playoff. Gutted I couldn’t travel to Warrington but am quite looking forward to listening to an old school radio commentary like it’s the 90s.
  • evening: going to our friends’ for dinner.

why are you awake so early

is not like you


not sure tbh



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NPL / Southern Premier League Central super playoff.

shit, I meant to c&p & google that, not just repeat it back to you.


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