Sat >>>



plans etc?

I am mostly interested in hearing about your various breakfast experiences.


Cheese on toast with Marmite, cup of coffee, watching project runway.

Today I paint my flat.
You ok japes?


Going shopping, already cleaned the flat. Breakfast will be blackcurrant jam on toast and a cuppa tea when we get back.


yeah not too bad, mwt.

will :biking_man: for a bit as soon as i can be arsed. think i’m gonna go roll on square sausage with MUSTARD.



I’m gonna be working all weekend :cry:

I had a good poached egg on toast breakfast though so it’s not all bad.


postie has tried to deliver something to my work. i’m not at work today idiot.


Morning japes + all

TV’s doing homemade pizza for lunch then we’re off to meet an ATD for drinks in Manchester before seeing American Football play the hits. Pretty perfect Saturday.


I had my standard generic breakfast. got up early, not much sleep. I tend to feel pretty sick in these circumstances.

I’m playing football in… fifteen minutes. listening to the album Jens Lekman released earlier this year. I like it. can see it growing on me. it feels hospitable and curious.

after that, I’ll probably feel a bit sad for the rest of the day. will try and make some music, though.


Just woke up. Off to see my boy for the first time in 2 weeks. Nervous - hope he hasn’t gone off me.


Latte from Costa and 2 ciggies
Breakfast of champions


cup of tea, hot cross bun, some Collective lemon yogurt

pretty good brekko, already thinking about the pasty i have for lunch though tbh


Chorizo omelette with a slice of toasted sour dough and orange juice


French toast x3, tea x2.

Had an ATD birthday celebration last night. I’m going to have a late-morning hangover assessment and decide whether to drive/train down to the south coast for a bit of Portchester v Dorchester FA Cup magic.

If I don’t do that then I’m going to finish my book, watch Netflix, generally plop about.


Not a huge amount but planned for today.
Last night was the first time in a while that I got home post midnight and since the council started turning street lights off at midnight.

My phone was also dead so I had no torch. It was pretty interesting navigating my way home from the station.


The dishwasher repair person will be here between 10 and 1. So that’s that.

Going to have a cinnamon waffle for breakfast. Probably watch Netrunner all day.


you can watch netrunning?

isn’t that like watching people play minecraft


Breakfast was weetabix, raspberries and peaches.

Plan for the day is to try appear to be a functioning person when all I feel up to is lying in bed and wallowing.

There might be ice cream later, so things could be looking up.


It’s like watching the football if you’re a footballer yourself. Only much cooler.

Just answered the door to some Jehovah’s Witnesses because I thought they were the dishwasher repair person.


Sorry eps


The usual bowl of weetabix and fruit juice for breakfast, but with a top up of a complementary pain au chocolate and muffin on the train up to Newcastle, soundtracked by the new LCD album.

I’m seeing friends and then the Pet Shop Boys tonight, and maybe a trip to the coast tomorrow.