morning DiS. what you up to?

I’m doing my best at this hotel breakfast buffet but its just cheese ham and croissants. not sure how much damage I can really do.

off to briançon in a bit.


decent coffee though

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Can something be classed as a buffet if there’s only item? Does this hotel not allow vegetarians?

Have exciting Amazon order coming today. It’s not listed as out for delivery yet. Reckon I have time to go to the shop? I’d be back for about 8.30.

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Oh wait I read the ‘and’ in completely the wrong place in that breakfast description.

Still terrible though.

Morning japes :slight_smile:

Hope you have fun. The weather set to scorchio?

I’m going to Wigan in a bit for some beer and football.

First, :coffee:

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I’ve under sold it slightly. there’s a selection of cheeses, cereals, breads and pastries. oh and yoghurt.

not very exciting though


I’m not sure that’s ‘under sold it slightly’ so much as ‘flat out lied’ :wink:


it’s not mental hot and it’s meant to rain all next week


who knows though. forecast seems to change a lot depending on who’s doing it.


I was going to go to Wigan today! But not for that reason. Going on Tuesday now. What a week for Wigan.


wigan? we gan’


Dunno why I’m up so bloody early but the tv is making pancakes so i’m not too upset. I literally don’t have any plans today, or tomorrow for that matter. That’s quite a nice feeling tbh.


Aye, we gan’ Wigan

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Got to drag myself out of bed for a PT session and then get straight in the car to drive to oxford for a wedding reception. Will stop at Tebay to buy a gift. Might get very drunk tonight.

  • :coffee:
  • :tea:
  • :x:

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what’s going on the pancakes eric? is it a surprise?

There are some mixed berries heating in a pan rn

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Giving mrs stack a well earned lie in and hanging with my melty/lovely kids. The jumperoo phase is short lived and the thing takes up your entire house but my goodness it’s a highly concentrated period of joy for the jumper. He’s going crazy in the bloody thing.

Gonna make sausage baps. Not sure if I should add eggs or black pudding.


What’s that green one?

That’s the only tea emoji we have :woman_shrugging: :woman_shrugging: :woman_shrugging:

oh no


oh no

oh yes