Morning! I’ve been at work for half an hour already and I’m on coffee #3 so who knows what today might bring. What exciting stuff you got going on today then?

Going to see a car to buy. Bye

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Been given a big piece of coconut and jam sponge for breakfast too :yum:

feel mighty anxious so I’ve taken the sensible step of having 2 large coffees. going climbing as soon as the centre opens - hopefully that’ll sort it out…

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Blah blah blah


‘slept in’ until now which actually feels amazing. Might go look at some records and books but I’m thinking of buying a microbrute :grimacing: and Christmas is soon so cash is tight

I think your post-writing bot has malfunctioned.

No plans for the entire weekend :blush:

Going to try and read an entire book today. And maybe sort the bike out I’m selling.



Going down to St. Albans to see my brother’s new gaff, then London to see my pal, then dis football tomorrow to be brutally snubbed by plasticniki


Dreamt that I slept for 5 and a half years, then dreamt I woke up feeling fantastic. Gutted it wasn’t real.

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I am forgetful

Whole lot of life admin going on.

Visiting father in law
Visiting a potential care home
Kids hair cuts
Tidying up and cleaning the house
Sorting out stuff I am doing tomorrow morning
Cooking that cauliflower pasanda from Jack Monroe

1 tea down, more needed


Wifes at a (so near so) spa day.
So off to wicken fen with j for a muddy stomp
Sell a bookcase
Some baking?
Extract kitten from various perilous sitches
Watch some more neon genesis evangelion later


Morning all!

I’ve got coffee brewing while I try to get The Child to eat breakfast. Football in a bit, then nothing this afternoon.

Wor Lass is going out to some African community gala that she’s really excited about (made her dress, obviously) so I’m lone parenting tonight. Might ask someone to bring me a pizza; might just eat Fray Bentos. I’ll probably be playing MGSV when she gets home.

when does that get good? watched three episodes of it so far and don’t really get the praise on here

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Watched the first two last night - im interested but not hooked yet. The male gaze stuff is pretty bad (and dont really see how it can be ironic or whatever). Appreciate this is a general issue with the genre (at the time) but doesnt make it any less offputting.


Hey all!

Currently driving to Whitby for a weekend break, see some family and friends which should be nice. Looking forward to a run through the countryside as well. My partner’s first day back driving so trying to keep her chilled out, she is doing amazing!

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I’m in town. Have a wanker coffee (one of the nice places has opened back up) and a mooch then heading off to work.

Also wearing a new hat and I don’t like it.