Watching drag race in bed with a fry up on the way (delivery darling) was gonna go Christmas shopping today with the last of my money but spending it on shite food instead ain’t I…

Also barls woke up in his jumper and Coldplay was blasting out from the living room



Had a sandwich for breakfast, because I was feeling edgy.

I’m doing a tour later for an LGBT YouTube channel and they’ve asked for the regular route I do but “more gay”.

Really need to find a way to hang this stupid mirror soon, I AM NOT buying a drill.

Happy birthday!


Lovely stuff.

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I think I did this too and figured it wasn’t my thing.


I’ve been up since 3am for work. I’ve only had one cup of coffee. I need a nap. Work should have been done by now, but it’s still rolling on. Bah.

Thanks! :grin:

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Has it been logged in the selfie thread?

Hap Birth :partying_face::birthday::balloon::cake::tada:

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Dont trust that stuff. I need to get the screws in the wall by way of someone else coming doing it for me but my upstairs neighbour who used to do it has moved, how selfish

let’s have a look then

Pretty sure its gonna be a deerstalker


HB chebbles!!

Been way too fucking hot today, haven’t done a thing except watch shite on YouTube and go to the shops and nap

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Excitingly the TV is at sainsburys doing the double nectar points thing so I’m getting live updates

Got a 1000 point nectar voucher last time i was at sainos. Nearly shouted at the checkout man in excitement when i realised


(Well into nectar points at the moment)

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Never heard etc