Doing much sitting down today? Or have you got plans to be social and that?

Off to work soon, predictably its going to rain during the tour, can’t wait.

I want chocolate…got any cravings?


Morning Scout!

Aunt is picking us up later to go to some family attraction which will no doubt be hellish with people trying to pack in one last activity of the holidays.

Right now deciding whether I can leave R to play downstairs in his own while I shower. Just brushed my teeth and he has been happily playing so far. Is this ok, or should I wait until there is someone else awake to supervise?

  • He’ll be fine, go shower!
  • Leaving a three-year-old unsupervised that long is a bad idea.

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Craving pancakes here :drooling_face:


I always leave M alone whilst I shower. She usually follows me in anyway (actually into the shower), but this morning I left some episodes of PJ Masks babysitting. Go for it!


I currently have a child on my lap watching volcano Instagram videos.

Going to buy some gig tickets this morning, hopefully going to the pub tonight if my mate ever replies to my text (but I might sneak in a cheeky half at lunchtime otherwise because there’s a particular beer on tap in a pub near me that I want to try, thanks to the beer wankers thread). Why yes, it is too early to be thinking about beer, thanks for your concern.

Whacking CBeebies on every morning while I do my bathroom stuff happens EVERY morning here. It’ll all be fine - just don’t put on Numberblocks or Kit & Pup which last less than five minutes. Jimbo loves watching a bit of Do You Know, and they last a good twenty minutes

Yeah, this is the thing - if no one is around usual I’ll leave him in the company of Duggee or Sarah & Duck, but he didn’t want that this morning and wanted to go play downstairs. Always feels less risky if I can keep him on the same floor of the house!

Also my brother always looks at me like a monster if I leave him alone for five seconds. Urgh need to be out of this house.

I reckon you should wake your brother up in that case, then he can’t look at you like monster and you get the added bonus of disturbing his sleep :blush:

Hi there! Hobbling off to work shortly on my fucked leg/ankle. Hopefully it’ll get better for a bit of moving around. Really cba, I’ll level with you.

Ah, but then I will be being selfish, I can’t win here :frowning:

Going to shower and assert my mum authority. Hope nothing goes wrong :grimacing:

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When I stayed with M’s family once I secretly encouraged her into their bedroom when we woke up as if she bounded in all by herself happy to see them but actually I was crouched in the hall cheering her on and pushing her towards their room


Oh no! Hope it gets better soon

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It’ll be ok in a day or two, just a flare up of what the doctor called ‘I really don’t know’ :grimacing:

Morning gang

Driving home from holidays today, usually takes 6 hours plus depending on traffic. Just woken the kids up and having brekkie

Might get a curry this evening


Gonna do loads of fitting down today. Can’t wait.

Been up since 5.15 with the kiddo. We’ve both had breakfast, and my wife has just woken up. Think I’m heading to the bottle bank in a sec, then to a shop to get bits for a BBQ later.

Look at this 100% accurate graphic from the will writing people we’ve got coming round.


I’m doing everything in the wrong order!


Morning all!

The Child moved me out of my bed and onto the floor at around 2.30 this morning, and then decided she was awake for the day at 6.05. She currently trying to get me to buy some things from her shop.

Football in the drizzle this morning and then we’re probably going to Edinburgh for a BBQ in the drizzle. We’d quite like to be at the anti-Boris gathering in town but I’m a bit worried it might not be at all good natured or suitable for The Child.

2/12. Was born, immediately bought a house 33 years later.


Gf pronounced Govan as “GOVE-an”, so I’m going to get some good mileage out of that today.