putting leftovers in a container that is almost exactly the right size


in fact, I did this with some “bluebs” this morning

Slicing courgettes has a nice feel to it.

How do you slice yours? I quite like doing them in matchsticks in a risotto.

Try not eating quite so much.

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Interesting idea! Tend to be quite thin but thicker if they are being cooked for longer. Different courgettes for different needs I guess.

Wearing trousers without the need for a belt can be satisfying. Although this can also lead to disappointment


Going through a succession of green lights in a built-up area.


Racing the other cars as you pull away after paying your fee on the M6 Toll


The album / podcast you’re listening to lasting the exact amount of time of the commute you’re doing.


have you not seen the end of back to the future?

Taking our country back

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Think we’ve found the line between Partridge and Farage

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I do sometimes imagine I am being chased away from the toll booth by Libyan terrorists in a VW camper van

Told a LOT of people IRL about the time I drove from South Tottenham to Walthamstow and didn’t have to stop at one red light. It was Fucking Wicked

If you said you had seen a unicorn I might have believed you but this is just ridiculous

I absolutely promise. Via the Hale retail park & all. Truly life changing

The one that’s talked about among London taxi driver is riding the wave all the way down the Euston Road right through from Kings Cross to the Westway.

I had one end just as my bus was arriving at Holborn the other day. The pleasure was unexpected.

Any album that lasts for a round figure of time makes me very happy. The fact it lasts exactly an hour is one of my very favourite things about Since I Left You.

Edit: Just checked Wikipedia to verify this and they reckon it’s an hour and 39 seconds. They’re wrong.