Up ridiculously early as I’m thinking of going to the seaside today. That involves extricating myself from my current horizontal state.

What have you got planned?

Oh. Just looked at the forecast. I am not going to the seaside.

Yeah I was about to say? Its fucking pishing it down in Brighton

My friend said they were coming down from London today and I kept my day free to meet up but so far not heard anything. I swear to God if I get a text saying they’re already somewhere I will split a nut! Until then I’m going to take this weather as a perfect opportunity to play video games ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL day as I will be in London tomorrow for Progress wrestling so today is the only chance I get to do this


Oh and I’m glad drunk me bought a pack of painkiller and a bottle of Coke Zero to help ease myself into the day



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It’s equally horrid in London. Glad I had those few blissful minutes in bed thinking it was glorious outside and I was going to have a lovely day out (wahhh :sob:)

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“Well I guess that was our summer, then!”


Are we supposed to sing the thread title to the tune of Sussudio because that’s what’s happened


Morning! A cool drizzly 16 degrees in MCR. Gonna have a coffee, go for a run then go to the pub.

:wave: :one: :six: :cloud_with_rain::coffee: :running_man: :beers:


That was the first big weekend.

Morning! This morning I’ll be doing as little as possible. This afternoon / evening I’m off to a wedding. Hopefully the rain will stop by then, for the couple’s sake.

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What seaside would you have gone to if the weather were agreeable, tilts?

Whitstable :sob: it would have been lovely and I could have gone for a swim and everything.



Bit wet out, which I am quite happy about tbh.

Got some reduced rhubarb to cook up later, given the weather I think some will go in a crumble, and the rest will get frozen in small portions for breakfast use.

Not sure what to do for the rest of the day :no_mouth:


Morning peeps! :wave:

Nice and sunny in Bristol at a cool 22C :sunny: Today’s agenda: writing, exercising, video games, watching wrestling, getting nails done, shopping, dinner, friend’s birthday drinks

Happy weekend all! :partying_face:


Weekend at work. 12-8 today. Partner and baby back this morning, so I can have cuddles before I bugger off to work

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Morning! Nothing but blue skies and 20C down here (still about 10C too hot for my tastes but better than before). Off to work shortly and got loads to do so will sweat off another stone or two. Feel a bit bleak and not quite sure why.

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Gym then off to West London in the afternoon for a friend’s birthday.
Then 3 hours later I’m off to East London for a BBQ.
And that’s 3 hours on the tube today. The central line at that. :weary:

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Bit damp this morning although the cat wasn’t that bothered for a change. So much house stuff to do before we move which means I’ll be playing video games all day. :+1:

article-2656804-1E67FACF00000578-34_634x423 does this make you feel any better? :blush: