Ugh I am sorry I seem to do nothing but post daily threads right now but it makes me happy and keeps me vaguely sane?

Had a wonderful, if short chat with @jordan_229 last night. More of that please.

I went to bed at 12, then woke up at 2 and am now up again doing work.

I plan to return to bed and have a lazy Saturday. What you doing, my fave pals? Xx

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Oh mate I hear you so much. Don’t worry about it. Last night my addled mind decided to send a love interest a link to laid by James.

It could always be worse darling x


Morning Tilts. For what it’s worth, I think you do a fab job with the morning threads, but you’re welcome to leave the occasional weekend thread to me if you like (won’t get started til 7ish but still)

I slept okay but woke at 6ish for some reason. I don’t think today is going to be very different from previous Saturdays, but we’re having 32kg of bread flour delivered (and some cheese!) so that’s something.


Thinly veiled stop posting such shit at five am


Why am I awake?
Was very sternly instructed not to wake anyone up before 9am (which is fair enough, that’s an entirely reasonable request) but I’m now wide awake and my tummy is rumbling. Might get up, put some PJs on, go downstairs and watch something on Disney+. Or maybe it’s time to treat myself to the 1995 BBC adaptation of Pride and Prejudice again?

I wish I was asleep :sleeping:


If I get up now and eat my pizza, I won’t have any pizza to eat when Avery gets up and eats pizza and that will be hard to swallow. Hmmm.


Baking some bread, had some new coffee that seems like strong stuff, feels like I’m being beamed up to Scottie :exploding_head: :space_invader:

Bike ride, pizza then Eurovision and booze all night.

  • Watch the 1995 BBC adaptation of Pride and Prejudice again
  • Try to hold out a bit longer, it’s only been about 6 months since your 568th rewatch

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:smiley: I do like your morning threads, but I know I’ve been there in the past where I’ve felt like the only one starting them. I didn’t want you to feel burdened, that’s all :slight_smile:

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bike ride once that’s done

some reading and switching too, I expect


:bread: :open_mouth:


R is seeing his dad today. Which is good for them, but not good for me as it means I am also seeing his dad and that is making me sad and stressed and I don’t think I can cope with it.

Want to be back in bed please.

Awake for some ridiculous reason. Only scrolling to make myslef sleepy again (it’s beginning to work).


  • we can’t get bread flour for love nor money in the shops here;
  • our usual breadmaker loaf is 50% white, 50% wholemeal;
  • so we’ve bought a 16kg bag of each online.

No idea where it’s going to live?

It’s coming from a cheese/deli supplier bizarrely, so to get the free delivery we’ve bought some nice cheese to bring the order up to the minimum amount.


Hi there!
I also chatted to my friend Ry and was the most sober party in both chats, which is new for me.

Gonna do a quick yoga session and then go for a long walk I reckon.


I can help with that!


Makes sense, lots of flour is better than no flour when you know you will use it. Need to get some flour bins (or just otherwise try to keep it up from floor level)

How long do you think it is going to last you?

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Hmm I’m not sure. 32kg at 400g/loaf is 80 loaves but then there’s pizza etc. Should be a good few months (we get through a lot of bread in the CCB household!) Also might give some of it away, got a couple of friends who could do with some.


Had a dream that me and @anon89873996 went to visit @NeilYoung in America and he kept telling us how he’d made everything in his house himself, like Ron Swanson or something.


Went to bed at midnight. Baby started stirring at 5. Need her to nap so I can crash with vidya games and coffee.

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