Satters- it’s the weekend!

Morning dissers. Happy Saturday!


Morning Saturday thread goers

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Feel hungover. Didnt have a single drink last night

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Getting a new front door fitted (@plasticniki) and they’ve turned up early. I’ve not had my coffee yet. How to human

Morning windy, all. Got work in a bit, should probably get up buy i really don’t want to. Out later for my dad’s birthday meal though so that’ll be nice.


Listening to ‘Perils from the Sea’

Thinking about breaking my Park Run duck this morning, though it’s cold and might rain.

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I’ve got Jen Cloher on. Nice way to wake up

Passed an exam I’ve been working on and off at for a year now yesterday so am wondering what to do with all that brain space as well as time that’s been made available before I start the next one. I’m saying breath of the wild and more trips to the park with the fam.

Celebrated with a whole 2 tins yesterday and am quietly quite happy about it as I was up at 6 with the littlest one. Also FINALLY watched Lady Bird last night which was ace.

When everyone gets up I’m gonna make egg rolls. Until then I’m gonna work on my Lenny.


Not managed to get I to her.

New Aldous is good though ey.


Beautiful. Really looking forward to seeing her again.

Surprised about Jen Cloher, as you’re a big Courtney Barnett fan, and they sound the same to me

Got called in to work at 1am cos a colleague had fallen ill and they couldn’t find anymore cover. Considering I did 6am-4pm yesterday, I’m absolutely knackered now. Got myself a maccas breakfast though. Sausage egg bagel is the one.

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Hot drinks!

I’ve done hot drinks.

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First drink for two months last night. Got a fuzzy head this morning. Up for sons football training this morning and then going with him to the big match this afternoon

Southend away at Rochdale


I’m really not sure why I’m up at 8am. There is absolutely no reason for this. Do I go back to bed for a couple of hours or carry on watching morning TV?

Morning pals, currently at the in laws in Basildon getting the baby settled then we’re off to that London for booze, food and seeing Jawbreaker - I am definitely going to have an emotional teenage cry. Staying at a wanky Shoreditch hotel so need to be careful I don’t drunkenly order a record player on room service or anything silly.


Got a PT session at 9 but I’m still in bed. Must get up soon. No idea what else to do today, might go home.

morning DiS

i’m going to inverness to ride my bike in a while. need some breakfast first.


Bread rolls with egg in them or Chinese egg rolls?

And why are egg rolls called egg rolls when there’s no egg in them?

Watching perfect blue with toast and a coffee