Hello all.

Waiting to get my barnet sorted, then coffee, then drive to Wimborne. Might visit the sea, have found a couple of craft ale places to have a look and then watch Hendon get roundly trounced.

Then home for a curry and a beer.

It’s blowing a gale, so I’m going out to play golf.

Currently listening to Presidents Of The USA.

Workin’, sneezin’, herbal tea drinkin’.


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Sitting in bed listening to Benji, wondering what bullshit today has in store for me. Tea’s gone cold. Where did I put the Solpadeine?

Maybe I’ll record a Mark Kozelek-style track about my day that started with listening to one of his records.

Quite a busy day which is unlike me.

Cafe for lunch.
Meet friends for a couple of beers before football.
Palace v West Ham
Then rush to this as my friends band are on at 5:30. Will have to leave football dead on 90 to miss the crowds.

Then stay at that all evening and hopefully see some old friends.

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Missing Argyle v Pompey to stand in a freezing shop with some incompetent idiots.

Flat tyre. Morning sat in Kwik Fit. Woooooooh

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Working a very rare 9-5 shift (alright Dolly). Had a great night’s kip, still knackered :person_shrugging:

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My barnet is overdue for a sorting.

But it’ll need to wait until next weekend! Because I am Respecting The Poll and going to that timber mill after I’ve had my coffee.


At least you get to sit in the separate Mercedes waiting room, with the chandeliers and Classic FM.

No such thing. Was fuming when I got told I had to go to kwik fit and not a dealership


Well jel

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Had coffee and toast. Put a loaf on to bake, put washing on. Next up: shower, sorting office, groceries.

Looks well blowy outside doesn’t it.

Morning all :wave:

Am going on my favourite coast walk this morning with a few friends. Wind will be behind us, thankfully. Pub lunch, then my eldest wants to play me at Monopoly this afternoon.


This sounds perfect

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I’m hanging out in Basildon with the in-laws.

Going to leave the baby with Nanny so we can go and eat and drink in that London all afternoon.

Bought a sweet bootleg Judas Priest raglan from America and it smells like lemongrass. Weird.

Have to walk in 50 mph winds to go to spin class in a bit :sweat:

Edit: soz not meant as a reply to rich-t

Morning all!

Football first, then dunno. I’ve got a beer delivery to collect from the shop so that should happen today. I’m off work until Wednesday but I’m still recovering from being off ill two days last week.

Going to tidy the house, write some songs and then meet some ATDs for a few gigs later. Absolutely broke though so I need to watch my spending.